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March 27, 2013
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  A little girl, about the age of 7, created a character that she loved as a real being. The character's name was Catty Belana Summers. The was a light grey cat with red " hair " and a red tail. She wore a necklace with a small heart. Ana was the name of the little girl. Ana would write stories, sometimes about nothing, that included Catty. She even drew her. Her brother programmed a small game with the mane character as Ana's beloved feline. It was like a virtual pet game. She'd play the game everyday after she returned from school. Catty...seemed to be showing real emotion after a week of playtime. Ana was soon introduced to a new game console, and had a couple games for it. She slowly stopped playing the custom game her brother made her. After 3 weeks, she rarely played it. After that...things seemed odd in Ana's house. The computer she used was in the living room, and that was where her little sister slept. She'd always report to Ana that she heard faint whimpers coming from the direction of the computer, as if it was creating the noise. She'd also describe that the noise would be scarier than the night before. A few nights passed, and the whimper turned into a cry or a scream. The loud screech often made Ana's little sister cry, and try to block out the noise. The brother and their parents were greatly concerned about her, but they was going to wait out this night. They truly made a mistake. The computer flashed a very distorted image of Ana's feline, Catty. Her eyes were pitch black with small red pupils. Scratches were all over her body. She had a bloody, disturbing grin across her face. The background behind her was black and somewhat static. Words written in red behind her spelled " Kill me...she left me... ". Her fur and other colors were much darker than before, and had stains of tears. Ana's sister was terrified, and didn't dare move as the loud distorted sound continued. Near the end of this real life nightmare, it sounded as if the image cried " End my misery, Im so lonely. ". The image faded, leaving only the red pupils staring at her. She cried the whole night, hoping the eyes would go away. The next morning, the eyes still remained. But instead, they looked...dead. Words echoed through the room " Why did she leave, what did I do? ". Ana was greatly disturbed, and after watching as the image lit up...there Catty stood. In the image, with the dead eyes and the distorted look she had previously. " You hate me. You left me. You killed me. Now you suffer too, Ana. Say goodbye to your so called beloved feline. " the grey cat spoke, ripping off the heart necklace. A loud cry sound followed, with the image fading in a " melting " matter. The game file was deleted, and the computer rejected the code to recover it. Ana...truly killed Catty Belana Summers....
Yes, this is a bit sloppy and out of order. I also forgot to include many things. But its my first actual, finished creepypasta so it wouldn't be the best I could do. The short sentences are bugging me ugh.

creepy but good
FallingNightStars Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Very interesting story.~
SpectrumKitty Mar 28, 2013
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