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April 2, 2013
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I finally have it.

Pokemon Black 2.

The game I've been waiting for ever since the commercial first aired.

I've been playing the game ever since I bought it, even in the car. I always pick Snivy as my starter. Even when I'd replay Black, I'd choose Snivy. I went on my normal adventure and took down all the Gym leaders with my favorite pokemon, Serperior. Only thing about my starter though is that I would name it after its first stage. Its name was always Leafy. Anyways, Leafy and I were a powerful duo. When he'd faint I would feel ultimately defeated....even though I had the three legendaries, Cobalion, Virizion, and Terrakion. After I had defeated all 8 gym leaders, I'd head straight to the Pokemon League. Though, for some reason, I was worried I'd lose by the first battle. So I went to the internet to find some " easy ways " to get powerful pokemon beyond the power of the Elite 4. Believe it or not, I stumbled upon a video that was exactly what I wanted. " Obtain Zeckrom and Reshram via WiFi ". I immanently clicked the video and watched it. It contained a code and a link that was said to be put into the 3ds internet browser. I did as the instructions said and I did obtain a Zevkrom. Reshiram, however, was un-obtainable for me. I ignored this was immanently went to fight with my brand new Zeckrom. I went to my PC and put Zeckrom into my team, as my leading pokemon. I checked its stats...but something was off. Zeckrom didn't do his usual sprite animation, nor light up with his blue light. His name wasn't " Zeckrom " either, it was " GOD " in all caps. This was very unsettling. Then I looked at his stats. His HP was 666. His attack was at max, as well as his other stats. Something was defiantly wrong. I returned to the video and read the comments. None of them was about how mine was. They was all positive. I was actually...afraid of my Zeckrom. I used him in battle, and I saw the only move he knows was " Curse ". I knew by now I had some kind of glitched Zeckrom, and I kept in mind it was and I was no longer bothered by its name and stats. That was until he leveled up. His changed. This time the black of Zeckrom was lighter and his eyes weren't blue, they were red like Reshiram's. His blue light had also turned red. I originally thought this glitched pokemon was copying Reshiram since I couldn't obtain it, but that thought changed. His name was changed to " IAMGOD ". What the hell was happening to my pokemon and why the hell is it happening? The screen suddenly switched to my pokemon team. Leafy was gone, and so was my Emolga. I couldn't help but wonder whats happening. A text box appeared shortly after I returned to the main game. " IAMGOD used Fly! ". What? He doesn't even know fly? After I arrived at where ever he took me, I checked the map. The destination couldn't be found. The area looked like Black city from Black, but darker. Zeckrom appeared in front of me and came closer. He cried out and a battle scene started. " IAMGOD wants to fight! ". Without Leafy and Emolga, I was left with my low level pokemon. Zeckrom was level 90, and my highest level was 50. I couldn't run, so I was forced to battle. Zeckrom's sprite looked like it came out of a horror move. A text box appeared above the usual one that says " What will _____ do? ". It said " This is your punishment. " Before I could pick an attack, Zeckrom attacked with Curse. " Your pokemon will die with me " read another text box. After Zeckrom performed a long animation, I was able to pick an attack. However, the moves was gone, and all that was left...was Struggle. After a few turns, my pokemon fainted. Same with my next one, Zeckrom used curse, performed a long animation, and all I was left with was Struggle. After my final pokemon fainted, it didn't say I blacked out as usual. " Prepare for your real punishment. " My real punishment? Wasn't knocking out all my pokemon enough? Zeckrom performed Curse one last time. This time, of his self I couldn't do anything but wait out the curse. After I fainted, a loud Zeckrom cry erupted from the speckers. Zeckrom's face appeared on the screen one last time. A text box appeared. " I told you I am god. " The screen faded to black, and never lit back up.

I deleted my saved file and started a new one. But this time...I won't " steal " a pokemon. I learned my lesson.
Phew! Another creepypasta done! Although this one isn't creepy, its sorta lengthy. I wanna make the sprite described, but I suck at sprites |D This one is sloppy too...and terrible.

But if its alright then please comment and fav.
Would you like some creepy with that pasta?
FemaleCreepyPastaFan Apr 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This is pretty amazing! I love it!
Uber-Dan Apr 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Cool creepypasta.
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